26 Ideas for #26Acts of Kindness

If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction.  — Martin Kornfeld

In the wake of the heartbreaking Newtown, CT Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, many of us are wondering how to deal with and process such a tragedy and asking “What I can do to honor those lost?” This past week Ann Curry of NBC News asked this simple question on Twitter, “imagine what would happen if all of us committed to 20 acts of kindness to honor each child lost in Newtown.” She added, “I’m in. If you are, RT #20Acts.” As this quickly spread through social media, #20Acts turned into #26Acts to honor the teachers as well.

Though it shouldn’t take a horrible tragedy for us to be kind to one another, it is still inspiring, motivating, and encouraging to see so many people in our communities come together and care for one another. So to honor those lost we have set out to do #26Acts of kindness and we hope all of you will join us.

To help you get started, we compiled a list of 26 ideas for acts of kindness (in no particular order). Please share your ideas with us as well.

  1. Volunteer
  2. Smile
  3. Give flowers to a stranger
  4. Plant a tree
  5. Visit a nursing home
  6. Donate clothes to a shelter
  7. Buy a homeless person a hot meal
  8. Send a thank you note to a teacher that made an impact on you
  9. Leave a kind note in a public place
  10. Hold the door open for a stranger
  11. Say hello to someone you don’t know
  12. Donate an hour (or two) of your professional services
  13. Donate blood
  14. Take cookies to the fire or police department
  15. Give the mail carrier or other service person a thank you note
  16. Pay the bill for the next person in line
  17. Give a blanket or jacket to a homeless person
  18. Donate used books to a library
  19. Let someone go in front of you in line
  20. Visit an animal shelter
  21. Leave a quarter in the gumball machine
  22. Be generous with compliments
  23. Leave a generous tip
  24. Bring your co-workers a treat
  25. Forgive someone
  26. Clean up your local park or beach

You can also check out the official #26Acts Facebook page for more ideas.

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